Why Staging Matters


In addition to setting the right listing price to attract buyers, it’s very important that the property shows itself at its very best. A properly shown home can stand out and achieve maximum attention from Buyers.  Two specialties we have developed that work for you are:

Staging – Making your home look it’s very best for potential buyers.
Marketing – Using today’s resources to get your listing seen by the widest range of buyers.

Effective pricing and marketing combined with proper preparation are key factors to set your property apart from the rest of today’s changing market.

Follow these steps for Maximum Buyer Appeal

Remove all Clutter – Minimize the number of items in each room.
Repaint – Change walls to neutral colors to broaden the appeal to as many buyers as possible.
Stage – Avoid showing the “All purpose room”. Define each room/space for a specific task—ie: office, bedroom, playroom, etc.


If the house will be vacant while on the market, even simple additions will make all the difference in how the home feels to potential buyers when they come to see it.

Neutral Colors Appeal to the Broadest Range of Potential Buyers


Bright colors are great when your house is your home. Once you decide to put your house on the market, however, it stops being your home and becomes a piece of property you are trying to get rid of.

The quickest way to begin making that separation is to remove as much of yourself from the house as possible. Neutral paint colors are a great start.





Staging Your Home


Adding warmth and comfort to a pleasant and open environment can have a huge effect on a potential buyer.

Even the simplest additions can improve the look and the feel of a property. Staging is especially a key benefit to making a vacant property stand out among the rest.

We have found it to be an invaluable tool in producing results in the current market.